A mastermind group requires a quiet, private place where people feel comfortable sitting for two to three hours. Select a spot with room to park that’s safe and convenient for everyone in the group.

Mastermind Meeting in a Coffee Shop?

With my music business mastermind group, I was fortunate enough to have a conference room in my office with comfortable chairs, good lighting, and access to beverages and restrooms. It was quiet and private. Check with your members to see if anyone has access to a space like this.

My Austin-based Internet marketing mastermind chose to meet in coffee houses. They were comfortable but were not ideal for mastermind meetings. First, they weren’t private. Strangers would often be seated within earshot, and if the shop was crowded, finding seating for a group of six could be a challenge. Also, there was usually music playing in the background and it could get fairly loud. [click to continue…]

By Joe Vitale & Bill Hibbler
How Many Members in a Mastermind Group?For a vacation or home remodeling mastermind, you might want to go with five or six couples. For most other types of groups, ideally, you want five to six members. When you have more, meetings can drag on too long.

If each member gets 20 minutes and you’ve got six members, that’s two hours. Getting the meeting started, taking a short break in the middle, and wrapping things up will add a half hour. That’s two and a half hours. Beyond that is too long, especially if you meet once a week. So if you choose to go with more than six members, we’d recommend limiting each person’s turn to 10 or 15 minutes.

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Top 7 Questions About Forming a Mastermind Group

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What follows are some of the questions I’m asked most often by someone wanting to start or join a mastermind group.
1. What is a Mastermind Group?
A mastermind is a group of people, usually five or six in number, that meet to help each other achieve their goals. If it’s a business group, the members are usually in non-competing businesses.
On one level, a mastermind is a support group. Each member brings their own particular skills, experience and background to the group. Everyone benefits from the other members’ perspective.
On another level, when a group like this comes together, they tap into a “third mind” that’s larger than the sum of its parts.

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Masterminding for Internet Marketers

Internet marketing is the primary theme of my former mastermind group, the Wimberley Group.
A mastermind can be beneficial for anyone, but there are additional benefits for those who make their living online. Internet marketers usually work out of a home office, which means we tend to be isolated. Our customers and peers are all over the world, but we rarely meet them in person. Usually, the only time we have any face-to-face contact is at live seminars.
So, in addition to all the other benefits, the group meetings are also a social setting for us. But there are lots of other benefits to an Internet marketing mastermind.

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Mastermind Groups for Musicians

If you’re in a band, in a way, you’re in a mastermind, but I want you to look at this differently. And although there’s nothing wrong with having members of your band in your  mastermind, I recommend forming one with people outside the band.

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